• Joseph Sanderson | Partner

    Joe earned his B.S. in Biology from Washington State University in 2006 and have been involved in analytical chemistry and physical testing since then.

  • Jakob Later | Director of Engineering

    Jake earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at BYU in 2014. His engineering work has included development of products in the chemical analysis, biomedical, and energy fields. His life motto is, "Be Kind, Work Hard, and Go Outside".

  • Doug Later | Partner & Innovator

    Doug received a B.S. degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Brigham Young University and started his career at Battelle Pacific Northwest.

  • Stephen Vincent | Managing Partner

    Steve graduated in 1974 with a B.S. in Oceanography from the University of Washington and has been involved with environmental research and chemical analysis ever since. First at Weyerhaeuser Company, then as co-founder and President/CEO of Columbia Analytical Services and now as managing partner of Aeris Scientific, LLC.

  • Peter Schulert | Partner

    Peter earned his B.S. in Chemistry from the US Naval Academy and served 5 years in Submarines.  As the sixth employee at ESC Lab Sciences, he propelled the company to become the largest and most certified environmental facility in the US.  During Peter's tenure, ESC was able to remove over 98% of solvent from most SVOC methods.

  • David Sanderson | Partner

    David was a longshoreman for 44 years. He has an engineering mind and is very good at innovating mechanical devices and manufacturing solutions.

  • Lee Eaton | Partner & Controller

    Lee is graduated from the School of Accountancy, BYU with a master's degree, specializing in managerial, tax, and cost accounting. He ensures Aeris's financial integrity and prosperous future.

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